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Improvement Ideas

Acme's digital platform has evolved over the years, but with the rapid pace of technological advancements, it's essential to stay ahead. One immediate suggestion is to update to the latest versions of libraries and frameworks. This not only provides performance benefits but also ensures that the platform is secure against known vulnerabilities.

Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) is another area Acme can delve into. Automated testing and deployment pipelines can drastically reduce manual efforts, ensure code quality, and expedite feature rollouts.

Moreover, investing in training and upskilling the development team can pay dividends. Familiarity with the latest best practices, tools, and methodologies ensures the team can tackle challenges efficiently and innovatively.

Technology Evaluation

Acme's current technology stack serves its purpose, but as with all tech stacks, periodic evaluations are beneficial. For instance, while the current frontend framework provides a solid foundation, alternatives like Next.js offer enhanced developer experience, built-in features, and potentially better performance. Conducting a detailed pros and cons analysis for such options can guide informed decisions about potential migrations or integrations.

Migration suggestions

Given Acme's growth trajectory and evolving business needs, it might be prudent to consider infrastructure migrations. Solutions like AWS Amplify or Vercel provide scalable, performance-oriented platforms tailored for modern web applications. Such platforms offer built-in CI/CD, global CDNs, and serverless functions, potentially simplifying infrastructure management and scaling.