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Proposed solutions

Better documentation

We should consider improving documentation as a necessary step rather than an optional one. Having better documentation for each part of the project is crucial for any new developer. This can help avoid the re-emergence of the issues noted and can assist developers in understanding the project's structure and architecture. This documentation can be included in the repo or presented in a small website for internal usage.

There are the beginnings of some documentation in src/meta, but there needs to be more comprehensive documentation covering each aspect of the project. We can create more structured docs for:

  • Website architecture
  • Design system (UI) - we can add Storybook
  • Content structure
  • General rules (branching strategy, commit strategy, code owners, etc.)


11ty provides an image plugin we can use to ensure all images are properly optimised for both desktop and mobile.

Ideally, all images should be stored in the same location, either locally or using a digital asset management (DAM) platform like Cloudinary.

SEO and accessibility

We can improve on SEO by

  • enhancing meta tags,
  • adding structured data,
  • and always using good descriptions for image alt tags which is important for accessibility as well.

Accessibility in the site is pretty good, but not consistent. The architecture suggestions above can help to avoid this issue.